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05 Oct 2018

5 Creative Ways to Use Periscope to Build Your Business

Mobile streaming is a great way to help you build your business. It is a way to connect with your customers and ensure that you have access to a powerful tool. The best tool out there is Periscope. This is one of those tools that is becoming the social platform of the future and it is offering a great and innovative way to reach new people. Here are the top 5 creative ways to use periscope to build your business.

  1. Live Demonstrations of Your product: Periscope is the perfect platform to allow you to share the details of your new product on the web. You are able to do an amazing interactive display with all of your followers and you can answer questions from them in real time as well. You can show all of the features and all of the bells and whistles of the product.
  2. Update Industry News: When you are in a certain niche, one of the best things about that is that you are able to break news that is going to be important to your industry. You can share trends, new products and other news that is going to allow you to update all of your readers with what is happening in your industry. You also can invite others to the discussion with a blog post or with a video about what is happening.
  3. Connecting With Influential Minds! There are many people out there in your industry, you want to make sure that you are taking the time to show up to all of the broadcasts out there which are important to you as well as to ask questions and interact with them as well. A large part of that is also making sure that you share the questions and the broadcasts as well on social channels. By using Periscope to its fullest advantage you can also develop a relationship with that influencer as well and see how you are able to have a more personal one on one session with them
  4. Show the Behind The Scenes View: When viewers feel like you are taking them on the inside, you are instantly making a connection with them and that will ensure that you are able to know that you are making a connection and making your viewers feel really special.
  5. Get New Subscribers: You want to make sure that you are able to always share your mailing list when you are going to provide a live broadcast, there are many ways that you will be able to have access to some of the best options when you offer an incentive for people to sign up for your newsletter as well. You want to offer a value of some kind like an ebook, a newsletter, a download or something that will ensure that there is going to be a new way for your clients to have value in what you have provided to them by them sharing their email address with you.
29 Sep 2018

Want to Keep Learning in Your Small Business? Try These Helpful Resources and Tips

Successful business owners don’t have all the answers — they continue to learn and grow through the years. Sometimes that growth can come through personal mistakes, and sometimes it can come from helpful resources and expert guidance. If you’re interested in learning more to grow your business, check out some of these thoughts from members of the online small business community about learning new skills and gaining valuable insights.

Consider the Difference Between Reach and Impressions

When you’re looking at your analytics and the impact that your content is having on potential customers, there are plenty of different terms to know. Reach and impressions are two pretty common ones. And sometimes they’re even used interchangeably. But in this AMA Consulting Services blog post, Andrew Adderley offers an explanation of the two and explains why they are unique.

Hone These Marketing Skills to Survive in the Age of AI

Artificial intelligence is having a massive impact on the way people interact with companies online. So especially if you have a small brand that competes with companies that have far more resources, you need to have the proper skills. Neil Patel elaborates in this post on the Quick Sprout blog.

Use Data to Transform the Customer Experience

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s important that you never stop gaining valuable information to help your business. When you gather data about your customers, you need to be able to translate that data in a way that can actually help your business and your customers. Check out this Social Media HQ post by Steve Olenski for more thoughts on the subject.

Don’t Fall for These Startup Myths

Mistakes are a major part of learning as you run a business. But there are some mistakes that are common among the business community — so you can avoid them altogether by listening to expert advice. In this Noobpreneur post, Ivan Widjaya shares some of those common myths that you shouldn’t believe when running a business.

Learn About Increasing Organic Traffic

To grow your business, you need to be able to get more people to your website. You can become more of an expert on organic traffic by checking out this Pixel Productions post by Vaibhav Kakkar. Then visit BizSugar to see what members of the community are saying about the post.

Integrate Online and Offline for the Best Overall Result

Nearly every business now has some kind of online presence. But just because there are tons of marketing tools available on the internet, it doesn’t mean you should only exist online. In fact, Grace Kaye detailssome benefits of mixing online and offline in this Marketing Land post.

Find the Best Length for Your Content

Business owners often wonder — which is better, long form or short form content. But the answer actually varies depending on your business and your ability to create quality content. Learn more in this TopRank Marketing post by Lee Odden.

Pick Better Images for Social Media

Visuals are important for any marketing initiative. But some companies tend to overlook them when it comes to social media. In this Content Marketing Institute post, Manish Dudharejia dives into the world of social media images and explains how to make yours better.

Make Content Collaboration Work for You

Collaboration can be an effective strategy for building your content marketing reach and impact. But not all collaborations are able to get you those positive results. If you want yours to really help your business, consider the tips in this DIY Marketers post by Ivana Taylor.

Learn How Insanely Successful People Manage Their Time

Time management is a major issue for a lot of business owners. If you want to improve, it might help to look at what really successful people do. In this Mostly Blogging post, Janice Wald details the habits that can help you get better. And BizSugar members shared thoughts on the post here.

BY Annie Pilon

21 Sep 2018

Adobe débourse 4,75 milliards de dollars pour enrichir son offre marketing

Adobe enchaîne les acquisitions d’envergure. Après avoir déboursé 1,68 milliard de dollars en mai dernier pour mettre la main sur Magento, société californienne qui propose des solutions pour créer et gérer des sites e-commerce, le géant américain, qui édite notamment Photoshop, a décidé de frapper encore plus fort en mettant 4,75 milliards sur la table pour racheter Marketo, société californienne spécialisée dans le marketing. La transaction doit être conclue d’ici la fin du quatrième trimestre. 

Fondée en 2006 par Jon Miller et Phillip Fernandez, Marketo a lancé un service de marketing par courrier électronique. Au fil du temps, la société basée à San Mateo a développé des logiciels d’automatisation du marketing qui fournissent des services de marketing entrant, de marketing social, de gestion de la relation client et d’autres services connexes. La société avait été acquise en mai 2016 par le fonds Vista Equity Partners pour 1,8 milliard de dollars. 

Après avoir gardé l’entreprise californienne dans son giron pendant deux ans, Vista Equity Partners signe un bon retour sur investissement. Et pour cause, en revendant Marketo pour 4,75 milliards de dollars, le fonds a réussi à dégager un profit de 2,95 milliards de dollars. En 2017, Marketo a réalisé un chiffre d’affaires d’environ 321 millions de dollars, selon les calculs de l’agence de notation Moody’s. 

Un duel entre Adobe-Microsoft et Salesforce-Google 

En mettant la main sur les services marketing de Marketo, Adobe va ainsi renforcer son offre de solutions numériques pour la gestion et l’analyse de campagnes marketing. Ces nouveaux outils vont alimenter l’écosystème Experience Cloud du géant américain, qui permet à ses clients de piloter leurs opérations marketing et de gérer leurs données. Cette branche génère moins de revenus et se développe plus lentement que son activité de logiciels créatifs comme Photoshop, InDesign et Illustrator. «L’acquisition de Marketo élargit le leadership d’Adobe en matière d’expérience client B2C et B2B et place Adobe Experience Cloud au coeur de tout le marketing», a indiqué Brad Rencher, vice-président exécutif et directeur général de la branche Digital Experience d’Adobe. 

En passant la vitesse supérieure dans le marketing, Adobe espère rivaliser à terme avec les mastodontes Oracle, SAP et Salesforce. Pour gagner du terrain, l’éditeur de logiciels de création et de gestion de données pourra s’appuyer sur le portefeuille de 5 000 clients de Marketo. Microsoft ressort aussi gagnant de cette acquisition en raison de sa collaboration grandissante avec Adobe. Les deux entreprises se sont alliées pour affaiblir le duo Salesforce-Google.

Source : frenchweb.

20 Sep 2018

The Rise Of Consumer-Centric Marketing: Made Possible Through Data Science


Traditional business models — those based on mass advertising and comparatively impersonal marketing — are rapidly being turned on their heads as brands instead focus on forming individual connections to consumers themselves. These brands are modern, nimble and naturally tech-savvy, and they’re bringing a digital and data-driven business model to the table in order to become the driving force behind a new, consumer-centric economy.

Indeed, the rise and influence of direct-to-consumer (DTC) relationships should be well-noted. Big brands that fail to effectively engage their consumers are at risk of becoming obsolete. However, in the era of the omnichannel, how do you effectively reach consumers in a way that’s optimized across each and every channel?

Given the rise of mobile-first economies, marketers in any industry will tell you the answer is data. However, data by itself is useless if not made actionable, and brands like Marks & Spencer have figured out one solutionby training employees to become well-versed in the language of analytics and data science. Improving data literacy throughout your organization helps enable marketers to map consumer preferences, concerns and buying habits at scale.

Modern marketing in a digital-first economy takes a multifaceted approach, but at its core, it is driven by data-backed decisions. The source of this data also varies widely given the rapid evolution of the consumer journey and the number of touch points along the way.

Having helped craft data-driven marketing strategies for more than a decade, I’ve seen firsthand that in order to effectively wrangle and consolidate across all touch points, as well as make correlations regarding consumer trends, the marriage between marketing and data science is more important than ever.


Source ; Forbes

18 Sep 2018

5 Steps for Protecting Your Brand Against Social Media Piracy

Streaming TV and movies is just the tip of the iceberg

Social media has a problem with piracy. A rudimentary search on Facebook turns up films, TV shows and sports events that should be pay-per-view or subscription based. A reported one billion (yes, you read that right) people have watched Game of Thrones season 7 via illegal downloads or streams (only 31 million watched it legally). Tens of millions of people regularly watch big fights and matches illegally, costing not just the networks but the sponsors, players and contenders.
source ; adweek